In the post-Cold War world, NATO is struggling to redefine itself as a global peacemaker - in reality it is a war machine drifting beyond democratic control. This section analyses its history and examines its role in recent conflicts.
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  • Introduction to NATO

    Introduction to NATO

    In recent years, NATO has begun to present itself as a global peace organisation. This is disengenous. NATO is a first and foremost a military alliance with policies of retaining and threatening with nuclear weapons and using nuclear weapons first.
  • NATO and 'defence and security'

    The reality behind NATO's policies
  • NATO's Involvement in Military Action and War

    NATO's Involvement in Military Action and War

    A brief history of NATO's involvement in the Balkans and elsewhere from 1994 onwards.
  • NATO as Peacekeeper or Enforcer of US policy?

    NATO as Peacekeeper or Enforcer of US policy?

    Despite its expansion, NATO still appears to be fighting for its life. This explains all the seminars and public relations on the possibilities of it being seen as a peace-keeping force. It has already expanded its area of operations well beyond the North Atlantic.
  • NATO and Nuclear Proliferation

    NATO and Nuclear Proliferation

    NATO has often acted as cheerleader for nuclear weapons. The article below gives an insight into the nuclear strategy of the alliance.
  • NATO's War in Kosovo

    NATO's War in Kosovo

    The 78 day war in Kosovo in 1999, culminating recently in Kosovo's secession from Serbia, has been painted as a moral success, a just military intervention, a victory for democratic values. However in reality, NATO's intervention in the Kosovo conflict established dangerous precedents, and was far from the humanitarian intervention that it was portrayed as.
  • NATO and Afghanistan

    NATO and Afghanistan

    NATO has been expressly involved in the US-led 'War on Terror' since September 12th, the day after the September 11th attacks in the US.
    19 May 2008
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