Nuclear North West

While we may not have nuclear submarine bases, or bomb factories we do have dozens of nuclear installations and research labs, while nuclear missile convoys regularly travel up the M6. Find out about your radioactive neighbours here.
  • Barrow in Furness
    BAE Systems Submarine Solutions, already building the nuclear-powered Astute Class hunter killer submarines, Barrow will be building any future replacement for the current Vanguard Class Trident missile boats.
  • Capenhurst
    Just outside Ellesmere Port and as the M56 comes to an end squats the vast Capenhurst uranium enrichment plant. With only a couple of fields separating it from the suburban limits of great Sutton, the plant sucks in electricity and belches out tritium and other radioactive isotopes. Find out more about Urenco's history of proliferation and pollution.
  • M6 Nuclear Convoys
    Nuclear warheads regularly travel through our region using the M6 in MoD convoys. They travel between Burghfield near Reading and Coulport just north of Glasgow. For more information on spotting the convoys and the hazards involved, read on.
  • Sellafield and Thorp
    The largest and most famous of the UK's nuclear installations, with an incredibly chequered history of accidents, cancer and cover-ups.
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