Europe for Peace

One of CND's objectives is to work for a nuclear free, less militarised and more secure Europe. Greater Manchester CND is coordinating campaigning on this issue. This section analyses the roots and causes of militarism in Europe and looks at the role of NATO.
  • Nuclear Weapons in Europe
    A map of European nuclear installations.
  • NATO
    In the post-Cold War world, NATO is struggling to redefine itself as a global peacemaker - in reality it is a war machine drifting beyond democratic control. This section analyses its history and examines its role in recent conflicts.
  • Militarisation of Europe
    The great post-war dream of a Europe united in peace is growing increasingly distant as hawks seek to twist the union into a militarised global superpower to rival the US and China. This section examines how the development of our very own home-grown military-industrial complex is already warping EU foreign policy.
  • Militarisation of Space
    It is not just the US that is seeking 'full spectrum dominance' - military superiority on land, sea, air and in space; EU planners also have their eyes on the prize.
  • Alternative Security
    Another world is possible - a world where damaging military interventions are seen as a last resort - not a first response.
  • Resistance to Militarisation
    Across Europe campaigners are resisting militarisation and NATO. In an increasingly interconnected world with a steadily mounting democratic deficit, direct action and cooperation is the only solution.
  • Europe Links
    A concise list of further reading, contacts and inspiration.
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